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SAM English Learning - Publication & Cultural Institution | سامانه رسمی آموزش انگلیسی ایران - سام

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SAM English Learning - Publication & Cultural Institution

SAM educational group focuses on elevating the English knowledge of Iranian teenagers and adults through providing various courses and materials.

SAM English Courses

Depending on the needs of adults who have realized the vital role of English in their lives, SAM covers a wide range of courses:

General English

These interactive courses are meticulously designed to answer the general needs of adult language learners. The teaching method and book series used in these courses are among the most reliable sources of English teaching materials, which can help you learn English both communicatively and with tons of fun. The courses start from basic levels and continue to advanced levels including FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL and IELTS.

Teacher Training Course

Contrary to TTCs held by most institutes, which are usually only a matter of formality in their recruitment process, applicants who take part in SAM TTCs can benefit from a myriad of advantages which are exclusive to SAM courses and its unique method of presentation of the most authentic and up-to-date materials. After passing these courses, applicants will be able to tap into their reservoir of teaching skills, everywhere and every time in any field of knowledge. SAM TTCs offer a triangular approach to making the best of teachers through the three following courses:

Teaching Methodology

During this course, the most basic, yet applicable theories of language teaching methodology are dealt with. These subjects are the backbones of language teaching as they are based on the syllabi designed specifically for academically educated students of Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL).

Teaching Psychology

Knowing different schools of language learning psychology and personality traits of learners broadens your perspective to a variety of language teaching methods where you can adapt to the learning style and personality type of your students.

Classroom Management

Although teaching methodology is one of the necessities of being a teacher, it cannot solely guarantee your success as an English teacher.  That is because one of the most challenging tasks of a teacher is to cope with a concept called classroom management. In this course different techniques of handling a class, dealing with students and answering their questions, employing different techniques to engage students to take part in classroom activities, and group work are among the topics covered in this course.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Depending on their area of expertise, almost every adult has felt the need to communicate in English, whether as a businessperson who likes to have a convincingly better negotiation power, or simply a student who feels the need to have access to more authentic references in his/her field of study. SAM ESP courses cover a wide range of such needs i.e. skill-specific courses of speaking-listening and reading-writing.


Having an eco-friendly approach, SAM publication mainly focuses on electronic learning materials consisting of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), flashcards and other electronic materials such as educational CDs and DVDs.

Having the comfort and easement of learners in focus, SAM also offers any kind of publishable materials in addition to the electronic products. Books and paper flashcards are among other services of SAM publication.